10 Tools for Blocking Inappropriate Websites for Families

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10 Tools for Blocking Inappropriate Websites for Families

April 9, 2012  By http://www.nannywebsites.com/blog/10-tools-for-blocking-inappropriate-websites-for-families/
If you’re shopping for a reliable product that will make the internet safe for family viewing in your home, we’ve got a list you’re sure to appreciate. The following are 10 tools for blocking inappropriate websites for families: 

  1. Net Nanny Parent Controls – Available for PC and Mac, Net Nanny will monitor social media, provides remote managing and reporting, and has an active protection feature that monitors content continuously. If a website that is normally safe for viewing posts potentially objectionable content, Net Nanny will temporarily block that content.
  2. CYBERsitter – This software by Solid Oak will block phishing, malicious sites; monitor Facebook chats and posts, and record outgoing and incoming email. It of course filters out adults only websites, and provides a tool that will prevent your children from being distracted while doing homework.
  3. McAfee Safe Eyes – Originally InternetSafety.com, the software company was purchased by McAfee, it has an available iOS version. Safe Eyes will monitor instant messaging, social networking and searches. It filters video and music content as well as websites, that contain objectionable material.
  4. PureSight PC – PureSight offers cyberbullying protection, and will safeguard your child from suspicious Facebook friends, while monitoring posts, videos and chats also. The software also blocks pornographic, violent and hate content.
  5. CyberPatrol – Their website allows you to scan your devices for “bad surfing habits”, identifying destinations that are dangerous and which would be blocked by CyberPatrol if re-visited. Currently does not support Firefox browser.
  6. McAfee Family Protection – Prevents contact with strangers, and can also be used as an effective time management tool. It will filter movies and TV shows by ratings, and block objectionable YouTube videos.
  7. Profil Parental Filter 2 – Profil includes 5 pre-set profiles which are customized for different age groups. It will protect Windows systems folders, offering a layer of internet security fro hackers, malware, etc. It will also block downloads and protect personal data.
  8. imView – This program will monitor all activity on your computer, and record the history of each website that has been visited. It records Facebook activity, and can access all terms and phrases used in searches.
  9. K9 Web Protection – K9 is programmed to filter content in over 70 different categories, such as hate, violence, pornography, drugs and malware. You can block usage during pre-set times, to ensure that your child doesn’t get side-tracked from homework assignments.
  10. CyberSieve 3.0 – CyberSieve is equipped with remote logging. It allows parents to restrict instant messaging and chat. Free tech support is available, and the software comes with a one-time purchase and no annual fees.

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